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Stealing first base now possible in a minor league


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I'm not even a fan of the dropped 3rd strike rule. The dude just struck out and he gets a free chance to get on base? Lame, take the walk of shame back to the dugout. Before you know it...

1. Let mascots pinch hit

2. Buy 3 hot dogs and manage for an inning

3. Get rid of replays and bring back the umpire/manager argument. Far more entertaining  

4.  Take away any defensive player who makes an error for half an inning  

5.  Decide all extra inning games on home run contests. Fast and fun!

6.  Put actual Angels in the outfield.

7.  If a fan catches a foul ball, the player is out  

8.  Impose a mandatory bat flip rule

9.  The home manager chooses how many runs the game will go to

10.  Any other good ideas for rule changes?

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