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They Should Be In Jail

Concerned Resident

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Thanks for posting John. I hope you're feeling better. Last I recall you weren't feeling too hot.

I did not get the opportunity to watch all of this. I've only seen bits and pieces. I have a different take and I've been saying this since 2020. 

The FBI is engaged in racketeering..an ongoing criminal enterprise going back to the 2016 election. Peter Strzok, Lisa Page...I can't recall their bosses name...

The FBI paid Twitter $3.4 Million dollars in taxpayer funds. Did that money go to pay the salaries of the FBI and DNC employees of Twitter?  Who else is getting paid to interfere?

But nothing will happen. None of these people will go to jail. Hmmm.

Mark Levin says the House of Representatives can have the Sargeant at Arms throw them in jail for contempt. It's never been done before so....

Also,I agree. These people aren't 20 something youngsters. They're grown ups. IMO they're answers ARE contemptuous. They had all of this time to get their story straight. How hard would it be to just say "we felt compelled to cooperate with the FBI"? 

The fact they refuse to answer speaks volumes.

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