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Blue Jays add the Melk-Man to their Haul

27 Time World Champions

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The series isn't won in November as we have seen in the last few years...the red sox were supposed to win it all one year and the phillies and even the marlins last year...and it didn't happen. It's a long season, anything can happen..Yankees need to make some moves though...

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Expect little from the Yanks. They are hamstrung. Any moves they make will be small unless they somehow miracle ARod out of town without having to cover the majority of his contract.


Blue Jays: Signed losers in Melky and Jose Reyes.

Reyes brings losing whereever he goes and Melky is a loser, period.


I like Josh Johnson, Buehrle is serviceable.

Ya, Merry Christmas Doodle.

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We will see how it goes...at least the jays are trying to be relevant again...baseball is a funny game...no one gave O's any chance nad I sure dont see how SF has won twice this decade.


Ditto the St. Louis Cardinals


Melky with our without the T is a very good player and I think a worthwhile gamble for the Blue Jays.

Reyes is still one of the 5 best short stops in the bigs.

Buehrle is better than average and consistent

Johnson needs to stay healthy

Bonifacio is a cheap, versatile speedster

Uncle Buck might have been a better pick-up than John Buck


This team will be fun to watch


Yanks may very well go from 1st to worst

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With Texas losing Hamilton, the two wildcards may come from the East. Three out of five teams may make the playoffs in the East.


I could just as easily see all 5 teams in the East going anywhere from 86-76 to 79-83 while beating up each other and getting 1 or 0 wildcards. Oakland/LAA and Texas still will be tough while Central should be Detroits but who knows...

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