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Jim Johnson Signs 1-Year Deal with Braves for $1.6 Million

27 Time World Champions

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Free-agent relief pitcher Jim Johnson, who racked up 101 saves over the 2012-13 seasons, has signed a one-year deal with the Atlanta Braves, it was announced Wednesday.


The Braves will pay Johnson a base salary of $1.6 million with the potential for him to earn an additional $900,000 in performance bonuses.


Johnson, an All-Star with the Baltimore Orioles in 2012, struggled last season with both the Oakland Athletics and Detroit Tigers.


He posted a 7.14 ERA in 38 appearances for the A's and managed only two saves before being released on Aug. 1. He signed with Detroit five days later and appeared in 16 games, going 1-0 with a 6.92 ERA.


I hope he can turn things around. I think Atlanta will be a good fit for him. Does a team do any better with what they have than Atlanta? They always seem to find a way.

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Yankees need to get Miller and if they resign Robertson they would have a great bullpen

I agree. Add Betances to the mix and that's a scary bullpen. The Yanks should get another starter and just pull up the Brinks truck and sign Scherzer. CC and Tanaka need to stay healthy. Pineda could have a breakout season if he can hide the pine tar. Nova will be coming off Tommy John and should be back sometime in the summer. Some question marks with the starters, but they should be pretty darn good.


They still need to score runs. Just not sure where the offense will come from.


The AL East is going to be a monster next season.

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Yankees acquire shortstop Gregorius to succeed Jeter.


Great glove, not so great bat, but look for him to put up better offensive numbers than the Captain did last year. Great, Ninja move by Cashman. He picked up a young, great defensive player on the cheap. Seems like a good kid who wants to do well.


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Don't know too much about the SS. Miller is a great signing. they're not done yet. Sign Robertson for less money or not, and go after sherzer. Still need a 3B

More than likely, Prado will be the guy at 3rd. Headley's price is going unusually high, so look for the Yanks to back off. Refsnyder will probably get the shot at 2nd.


I just don't see where the offense is going to come from.


1) Jacoby Ellsbury (CF): Great player if he can stay healthy

2) Brett Gardner (LF): Steady player, perhaps a breakout season?

3) Mark Teixeira (1B): Comes back in great shape, gets hurt again, plays 100 games and bats .235

4) A-Rod (DH): LMAO!

5) Brian McCann (Catcher): Look for similar numbers from his disappointing 2014 season.

6) Martin Prado (3B): He's good for about .270, but can play any position

7) Carlos Beltran (RF): If he can stay healthy, he bats .260 with 20 homers

8) Robert Refsynder (2B): I think the Yanks give him a chance. High ceiling, look for lots of errors early

9) Didi Gregorius (SS): Great glove, should equal or better the Captain's offensive numbers from 2014


The Pitching should be great. It's going to have to because this team will struggle again to score.

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I expect McCann and Beltran to have bounce back years. it takes time to adjust to NY. Mcann had a much better second half and end to the season. Beltran needs to stay healthy. Need to resign Mcarthy and get Sherzer. Also back up 1B I like JR Murphy as their back up catcher

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When Beltran was with the Mets he was seldom healthy, and he was quite a bit younger then. As far as Johnson I would have thought Detroit would have taken a chance. That is a major piece that they are missing.

Seldom healthy? In the 7 years he played with the Mets he had 2 seasons where he missed significant time, 2009 and 2010. The year he got traded to SF in 2011 he played in 98 of a possible 110 games and only missed I think 5 games with SF during the stretch run and no time in the post season. How exactly is playing in 78% of your games during a contract "seldom healthy". Not to mention how damn productive he was as a Met but that is a whole other conversation.


Games played by season as a Met:


2005: 151

2006: 140

2007: 144

2008: 161

2009: 81

2010: 64

2011: 98 with NYM and 44 with SF


Sure he was not Ripken-esque with his playing time but he certainly played more often than not over the course of that contract which I still say was one of the rare and better big time contracts the Amazin's ever gave out and they don't sniff the 2006 playoffs without him.

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So much for Prado being the guy at 3rd. This move really surprised me, but I like it.


Yank sign Chase Headley for 4 years/$52 Million


Pablo Sandoval, 2012-2014: .759 OPS, 116 OPS+, 8.2 WAR, 5 year/$95 million

Chase Headley, 2012-2014: .782 OPS, 123 OPS+, 13.6 WAR, 4 year/$52 million


Nice move by the Yanks!


What do they do with A-Rod? DH? Part-time 3B/1B? Hope he gets hurt and they collect the insurance?


Only one thing I'm sure of. It's going to be a Circus!

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For that kind of money they better have Angels in the outfield! Time for the fans to pony up again, I'm sure the tix will rise once again.

Paying out all that big money has really hurt the sport as far as I'm concerned. I just hope they can add another series to the coffers and make NYers proud again. Where's Reggie when you need him ? Lol

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