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Patriots win Super Bowl on Butler's interception

27 Time World Champions

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  • 1 month later...

What a joke..

Pats have won four super bowls all by the skin of their teeth.

I'm no fan of the NE P's. I'm tired of seeing them in the playoffs every year. I've come to where I can give them my respect for what they've accomplished around what has basically been one Star player. The rest of the parts are interchangeable and we've never seen a coach or QB who could do what they've done for so long.


When Brady goes, we'll have seen the end of the era of long-time dominant teams, the way players move around now.


From here on, the SB wins will come by slim margins. A win is still a win, whether its a SB or not. Imagine what their legacy would be if they'd lost all of those 4 SB's by any margin. They'd be.....the Minnesota Vikings.

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