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Kinya Middleton considering running for Binghamton Mayor

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Oh? What's her vision? What are her good ideas for improving the city? What are her good ideas for lowering property and school taxes? Since she sits on city council I would have expected to hear those ideas already, if she had any. 

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On 5/8/2024 at 8:01 AM, Misbehavin' said:

I would be writing in my pet rock before voting for her.

These accts posting nonsense like OP did here crack me up 😂 

They've been making threads & comments like this since before the election. 

Bing city council is a joke & IMO it's honestly a sign of the devestation to come. 

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The sad thing is she could win.   The boy Mayor is not thought very well of in many circles.  In Binghamton nothing is for certain anymore.   The Binghamton Police Lieutenant who was ordered to be reinstated is still not working but collecting a full paycheck.   You would think with all the problems in Binghamton they could use every able body they can get. 

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This is no joke. We have term limits.  I think Mayor Krahams done a great job TRYING to get things done..ie. The Kmart Plaza..

We need a candidate with vision. We need somebody who can "sell it".

Sopranos fans, you know what I mean. 

Just like Donald Trump can sell it, we need that caliber here. We need somebody on the phone making cold calls for the City of Binghamton EVERYDAY. 


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