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You Can Totally Trust the Media & Politicians To Tell the Truth About Ukraine — Right?


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  1. The same woman injured in a gas explosion in 2018 is shown (at the same site) injured by Russian attacks in 2022 (scroll down through the entire thread).  (From The Sun in the UK and Bild in Germany):

  2. The same activist killed in Ukraine also died six months ago in Afghanistan. (From CNN desks):

  3. What is the max effective range of a cardboard AK-47? (From Fox News):

  4. RINO Adam Kinzinger from the corrupt Jan 6 Committee promoted (and deleted) another Sam Hyde prank/hoax:

  5. Then Kinzinger retweeted a photo from 2018 as current:

  6. This video clip of fighting in Ukraine, circulated throughout the Internet, was actually from a video game:


Yet, make sure RT News is turned off on all US, Canadian and European TV platforms. Because, heaven forbid, anyone sees any Russian propaganda.


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Youtube has banned all Russian channels.

MOEX, the Russian stock exchange, their site is down. "unable to reach site"

Russians waited in long queues outside ATMs on Sunday, worried that new Western sanctions over Moscow's invasion of Ukraine will trigger cash shortages and disrupt payments.


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Meanwhile . . .

China is not considered a problem.

A member of the House Intelligence Committee — Eric Swalwell — has an affair with a Chinese spy, and nobody cares.

It turns out that Senator Diane Feinstein's personal driver of around 20 years was a Chinese spy and — nobody cares.

Most Americans don't care that China has stolen patents and intellectual property and copies products, or that Americans have lost jobs because greedy corporations moved their work to China to take advantage of slave labor wages. They're blinded because they can buy cheap Chinese shit at Walmart and Harbor Freight.

Americans are now riled up about Russia possibly mistreating Ukrainians, but haven't a clue nor do they care about how the Chinese government is trying to exterminate the Uyghurs.

As NBA Golden State Warriors owner Chamath Palihapitiya said back in January:

"Nobody cares about what’s happening to the Uyghurs, okay. You bring it up because you care and I think it’s nice that you care. The rest of us don’t care. I’m just telling you a very hard, ugly truth. Of all the things that I care about, yes, it is below my line.”

Nope. The media and the politicians have trained the sheep well:



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I suppose we should care about what they do to the Uighurs. I recall they used to jail the Catholics back in the eighties. You don't hear much about that anymore because China has  government sanctioned Catholic churches which I suppose is better than nothing. They also have government sanctioned protestant and evangelical churches.

I did see an article..didn't have time to read it but it was in the NY Times that colleges are divesting from those so called Chinese cultural programs which was brought to my attention by none other than the prolific John Solak. I don't know if SUNY Binghamton has cut their program but I know Harvard did. 

My subscription to the Times expired and I'm not apt to renew...I didn't have time to read it and my daughter and I hardly had time to do the puzzle together. And she and her husband have decided to try and start family now...YAY! I was beginning to think this was going to be the end of my ancestral/genetic line and wondering what I was going to do with all of my families photographs and heirlooms because who would care about them when I'm gone?

In any event I would like to know the status of SUNY B regarding that program and I'd also like to know why the other colleges decided to get rid of it...if anyone knows.

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I was listening to the George Noory show at midnight. He had a guest on from France who stated Russia bombed 6 American bioweapons labs that were situated on Ukraines border. 

Can that be true? Because you know how I feel about our own military not taking out that Wuhan lab.

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6 hours ago, ginger said:

I was listening to the George Noory show at midnight. He had a guest on from France who stated Russia bombed 6 American bioweapons labs that were situated on Ukraines border. 

Can that be true? Because you know how I feel about our own military not taking out that Wuhan lab.

A person on Twitter called WarClandestine — who I understand specializes in intelligence and research — posted several tweets on February 24 outlining how they connected the dots. And this was not just idle speculation either.

They found corroborating data on the Department of Defense website. Plus news that was not posted in the US MSM but elsewhere. That the US was running bioweapons labs in Ukraine. And that Russia and China had raised concerns about that last year.

As expected, Twitter immediately suspended his account. (https://twitter.com/WarClandestine)

Luckily, others captured his entire thread before it was gone. And put it in a video for posterity (and slow viewing):


So now, just like with Covid, "Twitter Says It Will Consider Censoring 'Emerging Narratives' About Ukraine War."  Anything not following lock step with the official narrative must be destroyed.

For our own protection, of course.


So lets ask some logical questions:

o Why is the DoD involved in bioweapons research, even if it is for "threat reduction?"

o Why would these labs not be located on military bases in the United States itself, or existing university research sites?

o If, for some odd reason, they had to be located in Europe, why not with one of our oldest and longest standing NATO partners, such as the United Kingdom, Germany or France?

o Why, of all places, Ukraine?

o Why has Ukraine been in the news so much? Why no concern of how Russia absorbed Crimea? Or their possible perceived threats to other Eastern European countries?

o How involved was the US government in the revolution/coup d'état in 2014? (I love the videos of John McCain in Ukraine after that happened.)

o People seem to ignore that Trump had been a businessman since 1975, had dealt with US and world government officials, and they only focus on and criticize him for being a "reality TV star." Did you know that before becoming President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy was a comedian and TV star?

One of his top roles? As per Wikipedia:

"In 2015, Zelenskyy became the star of the television series Servant of the People, where he played the role of the president of Ukraine. In the series, Zelenskyy's character was a high-school history teacher in his 30s who won the presidential election after a viral video showed him ranting against government corruption in Ukraine."

o Why was Hunter Biden, with no previous experience in the energy industry, appointed to the board of Burisma in Ukraine?

o Why was VP Biden and so many government officials making constant trips to Ukraine?

o Why was Trump impeached for making a simple phone call to the Ukrainian government, while Joe Biden openly bragged how he directly interfered with the affairs of a foreign government and a special prosecutor who was investigating corruption?

See below for a video of Biden speaking at a Council of Foreign Relations (the dreaded CFR) event, and notice how everyone thought it was a laughing matter. (Note that the incorrect date at the beginning of the video was corrected in the description.)

o There are wars, border disputes and invasions taking place all over the world at this very moment. Innocent civilians are being killed on a daily basis and infrastructure destroyed. The world media and the United Nations are strangely silent.


Unless, as many "conspiracy theorists" write, it is a hub for corruption and money laundering involving Western banking and government.

Maybe Putin is really a slightly-White Hat (OK, more like gray) taking actions that might in the long run start the process of achieving peace and stability in the world. (As some write, trying to help eliminate what is referred to as the Khazarian Mafia.)

That's why there is censorship of RT News and other Russian news outlets. Heaven forbid you get the opposite side's point of view and start thinking for yourself.

(NOTE: If those "protecting us" are so concerned about "bad" news, why no censorship of Iran's Press TV, huh?)


And finally, here is a reminder of just how irresponsible and unreasonable Russia is:







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The great thing about this is that we were made to forget Covid (and recently published Pfizer side effects) and the Durham report. It’s important to also consider Ukraine had its own manufactured color revolution in 2014 - like we had in 2020. Pay close attention to what we are told to believe.

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And, in yet another example of why it is so important that we all obediently believe the narrative that we're being fed, and have no access to the Russian point of view  . . .

All media outlets in lock step (including Fox News) condemned Russia for bombing and destroying a Holocaust memorial in Kiev.

So an Israeli journalist visited and reported from the site: "... the memorial was not harmed and no bomb, missile or artillery shell hit the site itself."


See examples of the hysterical Western media lies here:



That's why TPTB hate the Internet so much, and want to regulate it or shut it down (for our own safety, of course). It's too easy to spot their lies.

When then leads to the next question . . .

WHY are the Western politicians and the media lying about Ukraine?

Then beckoning another question:

Is the media really trying to find and report the truth, or are they simply high-paid propaganda agents? What's their actual value?



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Not The Onion. Not The Babylon Bee.  These are legitimate technology news websites:

Ukrainian official calls for Xbox, PlayStation, and others to bar Russian players amid invasion


Ukraine asks ICANN to delete all Russian domains
Plus: Namecheap tells customers in Russia they are no longer welcome, citing 'war crimes'



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7 hours ago, ginger said:

If there weren't bioweapon labs there, what else would they be bombing in those exact sites? I can't think of a logical reason.

Good Lord. Let's think about this critically for a second.

Assume, for the sake of argument, that the maps are accurate. The locations still don't actually line up at all.

Ukraine is almost the size of Texas. It's more than twice as large as New York and Pennsylvania put together. Kyiv Oblast on that map is 10,800 square miles, 15 times the size of Broome County. Kyiv city - a tiny part of Kyiv Oblast, just a few hundred square miles - still covers an area about the same size as New York City. Not just Manhattan, all five boroughs.

It's a six-hour drive from Kharkiv to Kyiv, like NYC to Buffalo, and you're not even halfway across the country. Here's two maps at the same scale to give you some perspective on the distances involved:


You're just looking at dots slapped more-or-less around Ukraine's bigger cities because that's where most things physically are. They don't usually build research labs in the middle of nowhere where nobody with a biology degree is going to be willing to raise a family, and they don't usually drop bombs on empty wheat fields because bombs are expensive and get dropped on expensive things.

It's like seeing a dot on a map over the Lockheed facility outside Owego and asking why it's over the "exact site" of NYSEG Stadium in downtown Binghamton. It's not even close. It's just that the map is 750 miles wide.

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So Bing.. any guesses what they're bombing if not bioweapon lab sites? Obviously Russia thinks something is there. Don't ask me why but all I can think of is The Hunt for Red October. 

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Maybe Ukraine is a distraction. Maybe their noncavatating stealth nuclear submarines are sitting just outside Virginia Beach waiting for the truck drivers to leave so they can nuke DC.

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55 minutes ago, ginger said:

So Bing.. any guesses what they're bombing if not bioweapon lab sites? Obviously Russia thinks something is there. Don't ask me why but all I can think of is The Hunt for Red October. 

There are fuel stocks, ammo dumps, and military aircraft on the ground around any city in the world, all of which are common targets.

However, some of the worst fighting in and around Kyiv has revolved around control of the city's airfields, as well as an oil facility to the south of the city. They're typical early targets when you're trying to establish supply lines around a city - and strangle it. For whatever reason, Russia kept spamming airborne into the airports but couldn't support them and commanders, at least for a while, weren't understanding what was happening. If you can't control it, eventually you want to destroy it from the air so the adversary can't use it, either.

Look into Gostomel / Hostomel on Twitter and you'll find pictures and footage from the airport to the northwest of the city and the town surrounding it. This is probably the northwest dot on that map you've seen and a natural stopping place along the route down from Belarus through Chernobyl. (The Russia units marked 'V' on the side are assigned to the Belarusian front.)

What you're seeing is all fairly typical of Soviet-era "Deep Battle" military thinking: try to break in from as many sides as possible as fast as possible, then support whichever fronts work out. The heavy losses are also typical of Soviet planning, however, they seem profoundly uncoordinated. They may simply have no money due to decades of gundecking and embezzlement. (There's some reason to think they don't even have working IFF systems. Many of the radios used in critical operations are not encrypted. I've heard a joke: "The armies of Russia are large and modern. However, the large army is not modern, and the modern army is not large.")

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1 minute ago, ginger said:

Maybe Ukraine is a distraction. Maybe their noncavatating stealth nuclear submarines are sitting just outside Virginia Beach waiting for the truck drivers to leave so they can nuke DC.

For years, shortwave radio and then Internet prepper/religious zealot/"conspiracy theorist" host Steve Quayle has talked about the dreams/prophecies of Dimitri Dudeman and Henry Gruber regarding a sneak Russian nuclear attack on America.

Of course, Quayle has been beating that drum to sell storable food and gold & silver for close to 30 years now. 😀


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