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Erica Spera makes hometown proud, announces herpes diagnosis on National TV

Kirk Woods

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I saw that too.  Everyone knows who her dad is.  I also found it disgusting she said if she dates an older man, he has to be hotter than her dad.  That statement with the many mentions of herpes were horrible.  Very embarrassing for her family.  I'm not a prude, and I can appreciate crude humor, but I don't think she was funny and I think her comments were disgusting. 

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Second chances for the hometown team. 🙂 she should step back, regroup, think of some new funny material...geez it's not that hard...bet I could do entire hour making fun of speidies and peiroghi...everyone likes jokes about food.

In fact I was chatting with this kid on twitter last night telling him how I hate no bake cookies..they're his favorite that HIS mom makes..the chocolate oatmeal..ugh! And I was telling about the dreaded mincemeat cookies made by the 2 old Russian ladies that lived upstairs from us growing up in Queens. Ugh. How my brother and I had to nibble on these pastry type pockets full of bitterness and pretend we liked them. I'm so sure I could do an entire comedy show on food. 

Erica dahling...call me I'll write you some material! 🙂


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