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Twitter To Cut Workforce Up To 75%

Concerned Resident

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Some of the people or bots were posting some really abhorrent opinions during covid. These entities were claiming to be healthcare professionals. If he fires anyone, he should start determining who those people are. 

As stated, it looks like twitter was going to have a layoff anyway. I think there are going to be more than a few layoffs right before Thanksgiving. We've been here before. I think President Biden and Governor Hochul are in for a wake up call. They don't seem to comprehend that they don't get to tell private companies how to run their business.

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As predicted massive layoffs across the country. The latest is go woke go broke Disney.. laying off during the busy holiday season...won't that be fun.

Shocking healthcare organizations are laying off. I saw a few hospitals actually filed under WARN ACT.

Doctors and nurses doing double duty. Psst, THEY DON'T GIVE A @$%% ABOUT YOU!

Continuation of this governments mandate to treat people like crap. Governor Hochul doesn't care about violent crime, she isn't going to care about unscrupulous employers. 


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It's reported today Amazon is planning to layoff 10,000.

But President Biden just gave Indonesia 20 Billion to not use coal.

I don't know where all of this money is coming from.

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