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Central American Caravans - Again

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Biden Spends $86 Million in Hotel Rooms for Illegal Aliens

Endeavors, a San Antonio-based organization, will oversee what it calls "family reception sites" at hotels in Texas and Arizona, the two sources said.


> Reporters, GOP Lawmakers Criticize DHS Media Ban At Border

NBC’s Jacob Soboroff sounded off in a similar tune, saying the Trump administration let in reporters despite negative press against his immigration policies...Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) called the move outrageous and unacceptable. He added the DHS even blocked a request for the reporters to document his planned trip to the border next week with 15 other senators.


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Politico Poll: 'Declining Support' for Giving Illegals Citizenship

Top Latin America official Roberta Jacobson said in a statement posted on the website of the U.S. Embassy in Mexico Tuesday night. "I have an important message for those migrants who wish to enter the United States in an irregular fashion. Do not come to the border. The border is closed."


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Personally I favor immigration. If it's legal.

Migrant Surge Climbs as Illegals Look to 'Our President' Joe Biden

"I know that Joe Biden, our president, can open the door for us and say 'come in everyone who is suffering,'" one illegal migrant told reporters recently.


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