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Broome County covid cases


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1 hour ago, PeteMoss said:

The U-E school that had a Covid teacher now has a Covid student.

My daughter's school already had to 14 day quarantine a kindergarten and 1st grade class due to 1 exposure and 1 positive test. Otherwise she says things are going smoothly and the children are doing great with the restrictions...but they had practice events over the summer, like movie night.

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I was listening to am 770 wabc this morning. Bernie and Sid...were talking about the Covid hotspots. They said Binghamton is a crappy city but they have a great University. I'm so going to address that when I get a chance...I just woke up...

I need a better radio in my house...I'm almost exclusively listening to WABC in my car...O'Reilly and Giuliani each do an hour on Friday nights...Saturday nights, Cousin Brucie then a couple of hours later Frankie Russo. lol, The first time I ever heard the song Duke of Earl was on the Cousin Brucie show. Rather the first song I ever heard on the Cousin Brucie show was Duke of Earl...with my brand new purple transistor radio, standing on the curb with my little brother watching the older boys play stick ball. It was one of many music moments we shared staring at each other mouths agape.

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On 9/10/2020 at 12:15 PM, ginger said:

I'm glad she's not sick. Mind if I ask...did she have a flu shot yet? If not, is it their intention to give one while she's still testing positive? I've been a proponent for viral misdirection/interference theory forever. I see the DoD is on it, finally. Basically they think giving the flu vaccine adds protection for other flu rsv and nonflu..but interferes if you are colonized with coronavirus or pneumonia. 


Last night I ran into a facility...not local. The residents are vomiting...sounds like flu. It may not be influenza but it's something. Please consult with your physician and get your flu shot and maybe a script for tamiflu.

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