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2022 BCVoice Election Poll: US House of Reps. NY-19


2022 BCVoice Election Poll: US House of Reps. NY-19  

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  1. 1. US House of Reps. NY-19

    • Marc Molinaro
    • Josh Riley
    • Other/Undecided

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On 9/22/2022 at 8:21 PM, FormerSomeone said:

Daddy (b. 1912) taught me to never vote for anyone whose last name ends in "o" or "i".  (And, I am not joking - that was one of his pearls of wisdon handed down).  I'd be afraid to relate some of the more conteroversial others in today's media.

Well what if it was a female and her maiden name ended in a vowel but her married name didn't? How would you reconcile that if she was a good candidate?

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Chatting with Molinaro today about how the current structures make people jump through hoops to obtain medical and disability benefits. He says it's abusive and people shouldn't need a lawyer to obtain help. I told him I thought the state was considering taking the mandates from property tax payers? We pay for everybody else and then when WE need help we have to beg. I'm not begging for my own money back if something happens to me. 

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