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WNBF cuts Bob Joseph show by an hour, and moves to 8am


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9 minutes ago, Mr. Met said:

He hasn’t tweeted anything in 3 days…he usually is very active on there. Hmmmm somethings up.


Local radio is pretty cutthroat so nothing would surprise me. 

Maybe him and Vinny ran off to Provincetown together?

What about Kathy Whyte ?  Is she tweeting?

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Great to hear Binghamton Now back on its old time slot. As one caller this past week put it, "I can get back on my regular schedule now. " Me too! When I think of how many pots of meatballs and sauce I've made over the years listening to WNBF...The show, especially the callers keeping me company, just make kitchen work go by so much faster. It also makes my long drives go by faster as well. 



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On 1/24/2023 at 11:02 AM, Kaz said:

Yes, I think the new guy has been there since late fall IIRC.

Seems odd that if Kathy did retire, for someone that's been part of that station for so long, they didn't announce anything. Certainly nothing like when Roger Neil left.

Usually In radio, that means someone was fired.

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